Become a vendor and gain exposure and awareness at the Larges Local Water Lantern Festival in Colorado.

EVENT sponsors

We are partnering with local Businesses to bring more of our community closer and to make our Water Lantern Festival even better.  We'd love to have your business involved. There are a few ways that you can contribute and have your business benefit. Just send us an email to:

Vendors / Food Trucks

We have limited space for selected vendors and food trucks at the Water Lantern Festival. Please contact us about vendor opportunities and pricing information.

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We'd love to have your help with our Water Lantern Wonders event. Whether you want to be one of our incredible volunteers or just help get the word out, we'd love to have your help!

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Water Lantern Festival is presented and Produced

by Water Lantern Wonders.

This Festival is a free event except for those that wish to buy a lantern.

the festival is about bringing people together and experience the Water Lantern Wonders.  You will be able to enjoy various food vendors, music, and the most important part of the event, the launching of the lanterns lighting in the water.